Trade Show Magician Frank E Haschka. Raising brand awareness, increasing ROI, generating qualified leads and getting you noticed. Go one better for your next event!

Do you want to raise brand awareness? Increase your ROI? Generate more qualified leads and experience a higher level of footfall on your next trade stand? Trade show magician Frank E Haschka is dedicated to the task. He's all yours.

Becoming a member of your sales and marketing team for the duration of the trade show, Frank's twenty years experience in the corporate world knit perfectly with his ability to draw potential clients to your stand. Frank's trade show magic will in many cases be custom created for your business and designed to bring focus upon the product or service you are promoting.

Whether your business is a small concern or a multi-national corporate conglomerate, you are guaranteed a top class service. Frank's experience and character forbid anything other than the best in customer care, and his polished magical effects can do little else but draw the crowds to your trade stand, and your product or brand.

Custom magic.
More often than not, the best way to associate your product or service with what's happening right before your audience's eyes is to present a show that incorporates an intertwined message that clearly demonstrates its benefits or any message you wish to convey. That presentation may also, where approropriate, include the product itself.

With this in mind, Frank will create bespoke magic effects based upon your USPs and the subject of your pitch. This is an extremely powerful tool in raising awareness of who you are and what you're all about.
Get business through showbusiness...
 Now that's magic.

Have you ever attended a trade show where the milling visitors seem generally reluctant to spend any time at most of the stands, yet gather enthusiastically in one or two particular areas? What makes this happen? Something different, something entertaining, something those passers-by simply don't want to miss.

If you would like those aisle blockers stopping traffic at your stand, get in touch with Frank E Haschka, your very own Trade Show Magician.
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